Friday, January 20, 2012

Motorola XOOM Receives an Official Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Great news to all Motorola Xoom owners out there because the latest and official Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS update should be available by now for OTA (Over-the-Air) downloading. This latest update of Android will replace the Xoom’s currently installed Honeycomb OS with ICS, which is the most recent build of Android. The Xoom update rolled out a week later when Asus started the release the same update to their latest Transformer Prime Tab.

As of the moment, I guess the update is only felt by the US Xoom users but I am pretty sure the international users will soon have the update also.
This is a good sign that all of the first generation tablets with Tegra 2 processor will also get the Ice Cream Sandwich too, because almost all of them have the same hardware build. That depends on the decision of the manufacturers though but this is enough to put a smile on the first-gen Honeycomb user’s face. As mentioned above, Asus was the first to roll out then Notion Ink tablet and now the Xoom. I really hope that LG, Acer, Samsung and other manufacturers will follow also.



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