Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cherry Mobile Cruize UPDATE: (It's 8MP not 5MP and more!)

After posting the Cherry Mobile Cruize announcement 2 days ago, I immediately joined the Cherry Mobile Omega and Cruize facebook group for updates. Below are the latest updates I've gathered:

- The rear camera of the Cruize is 8MP not 5MP!

- Tagalog language setting.
- The processor is a single core MTK6575
- Temple Run 2 runs smooth
- Antutu Benchmark score: 3921

- Dead Trigger running smoothly (according to Raymon Rosales of Omega and Cruize Facebook Group)

I'll post more updates later!


Pls make a screenshot of System Info of camera resolution of Cherry Mobile CRUIZE. Thanks

thank for the update.. The first time I read about CM cruize is in this blog...

is this cruize runs nba 2k13 without any lags or bums like on flare?

how to turn off start up sound?

galing talaga ng cruize at may nagsasabi sa mga review na hindi daw 5mp ang camera nya kundi 8mp much better san kayu hahanap ng phablet na ganito.. kabili kulang last and i enjoy what i paid astig ng forma nya madalas napag kakamalang galaxy note 2 o kaya galaxy s3 lalo na ng nilagyan ku cia ng galaxy note 2 luncher atig....

san po nakakabili ng black ng cherry mobile cruize

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