Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cherry Mobile Flare Using 2,100 mAh Samsung Battery

One of the biggest frustrations that the Cherry Mobile Flare users share is its low battery life of 1,500 mAh. For a dual-core, dual-SIM and 4-inch smartphone, it is not enough.

To end his frustration, one Flare user (Leshrac Hunter) has modified a Samsung 2,100 mAh battery terminals to fit the Flare. See video below:

He said that he never encountered any problem after using the battery for several hours. If the user gives further updates, I'll post it here.


- It's a class A Samsung Galaxy S III Battery

New: Cherry Mobile Flare using 2,200mAh battery for LG P970 Optimus Black (No Need to Modify!)


The user is still testing the battery life right now. I'll update later.

What specific Samsung battery was used? and how do we mod it? ^_^

Sana may mag post ng process. Thanks!

ok nman sya,no problems and nafeel ko tlaga yung juice na humaba tlaga battery usage.

Please release the tutorial how to mod s3bat

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Ikaw pala ang nag mod Andrei. Update mo rin dito kung ano ang resulta. Thanks.

Pakiupdate po. Kung gagana talaga ung sa Optimus black na battery , na kahit walang mod, susubukan ko .. pero I wanna know if baka sasabog kung maicharge.. Kung compatible e di okay. Nice one :)

Cge na update nio kme pars I cud buy one now.

maganda po yung battery. i'm using now the msm hk brand yung original replacement battery. medyo umbok nga lang sa housing but with the use of jellycase hindi na magiging ptoblem yun. the battery adds 30 to 40% of your battery life. means 5hrs to 6hrs of screen time. unlike sa cm batt 3-to 4 hours lang. kinagangandahan pa sa battery is that it doesnt over heat kahit sa pagcharge at sa paglalaro ng games

sir ano po ang kailangang i-mod d2 sa samsung batt, ung linya ba ng negative at positive? may graph po ba kau? salamat!

compatible po ba yan sa cm charger??

The disappearing SD Card issue is a Power/Voltage issue! In example -> Your GTA3 needs to install additional files on the SD Card. During that process your SD Card gets underpowered and disappears as you can discover in any filemanager. This happens also on some HD Games, since they get their data from the card too. Especially long access to the SD can cause a crash. A temporary workaround is to keep your Cherry Mobile Flare connected to the charger. Not fine, I know, but since I dont know how to manipulate the SD Cards Voltage, it has to work this way. And just to mention, The Problem is not appearing on all SD Cards in the market. Mostly the high range priced Memory Cards Class 6 and up, which needs a bit more juice. I may be wrong on the last point, but how else could I explain, that some people with SD do not have this issue?

Anu pinagkaiba ng Regular s3 battery sa Modded s3 Battery?

Ang modded ay nilagyan nang pcb para maging bagong contacts kasi hindi sila tugma sa flare.

Safe namn po ba cia s charging? baka may chance po na sumabog ung unit?
Compatible din po ba ito sa USB charging through Pc?

Wala pa akong naririnig na nagka problem sa kanilang battery sa pag charge nila. Ang flare ay pwede din i charge sa pc.

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Ung replacement battery san po nkakabili at magkano? Safe po ba yun??

I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

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