Monday, January 16, 2012

HP TouchPad, to run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich using CM9?

If you are one of those who bought an HP Touchpad and calmly waited for a stable port of Android OS on their tablet, you’ll be jumping for joy when you see what the CM9 can offer. Previously, the Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 builds of the CM7 was not for the average user because they are not that stable to run. Although the Alpha 3 is much better than the two Alphas, it still has a lot of issues and also not suitable for an average user.

Since the CM7 alphas, a lot of improvements were made to make the Android OS work on the TouchPad. Because of that, let us welcome the CM9 and take a look at the preview video below:

CM9 is not that perfect but it is way better that the previous alphas. Everything works except for the video playback and the camera. Well, the CM team behind all of these is on the right path in terms of making the Android OS possible for the TouchPad. Do you own a TouchPad? If so, are you planning on flashing it with CM9?



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